The hollerbach story

This is the place where Gemütlichkeit happens in Historic Downtown Sanford, Florida.

Theo and Linda Hollerbach dreamed of opening their own restaurant in 1981 while working together at a German restaurant in Orlando. After two decades of hard work and planning, that dream became reality on August 1, 2001 with just seven employees.  Since then, they’ve continually expanded the restaurant, added two more businesses, and grown their staff to over 100 employees. The once 70 seat restaurant will be a 665 seat restaurant after the completion of the 2020 Project Hollerblock which will add a Bar Lodge and Rooftop Biergarten. 

One source of continuing inspiration for the Hollerbach Family has been watching their home of downtown Sanford grow and thrive along with their own businesses. They have always had the mission of making their town a dining and entertainment destination in Central Florida. Through the continued efforts of the neighbors and fellow business owners, Sanford has a great reputation of a strong sense of community that knows how to have fun. 

As Christina Hollerbach takes the helm from her parents, she hopes to make her Dad proud by honoring the things that have made them successful. She believes that the most important thing is Gemütlichkeit. Creating a unique and memorable experience for the guests whether they are in the restaurant, deli, or clothing store is the driving force behind all things. 

Christina gushes, “I am so proud of what my family has built and thrilled to lead our team into the future. I know it’s corny...but this place is my home and I was literally made to do this. I don’t really know how to explain it. When you boil it all down to the essence, I basically get to hang out with the best people all day so that we can throw endless dinner parties for an entire town, forever. It’s the best job ever.” Hollerbach’s is a true destination during your next #Sanfording adventure.

Hollerbach family
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