"Wait...WHEN does Oktoberfest begin??"

Well, kinda like everything else in life...it depends.

THE Oktoberfest in Munich - you might've heard of it, the world's largest folk festival, 7 million liters of beer in two weeks, been running for over 200 years...I believe it's been in the papers - ends on the first Sunday of Oktober, unless the German National Holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, in which case it's extended. It runs for 16-18 days, which means it begins in the middle of September, on a Saturday between Sept. 16th and 22nd. Which means it runs mostly in September.

They mostly come out in September. Mostly.

But whyyyy...Oktober is not September and September is not Oktober! I thought Germans were all about keeping things logical and orderly...

The decision was taken decades ago to move Oktoberfest in München back a few weeks because on average, the weather in Upper Bavaria is more conducive to festing in September than it is in Oktober. Wisely, the Bavarian beer gods voted against changing the name to Septoberfest.

So there it is.

Then why are so many Oktoberfest parties at German restaurants, German-American clubs and so forth in this country held in Oktober - like yours in Sanford?

Shameless plug.


  • A) Most people are not aware that the Munich Oktoberfest starts in mid-September, so if we scheduled it in September just to show how smart we are for knowing how they run the REAL Oktoberfest, they might miss out on our awesome street party because they weren't looking for it, and

  • 2) When would you rather have an outdoor party in central Florida - September or Oktober? Na also...as of this writing, it is 95 with 140% humidity on September 15th. Ugh.


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