5 Things to Share at Hollerbach's

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Garden Gnomes aren't exactly known for the whole "sharing is caring" thing...

Share what? My beer? Are you totally bescheuert?

Touch my beer and you'll find out the hard way whether Gnomes bite.

But when it comes to making the most of a visit to the Willow Tree, even stingy little Gnomes can tell you all about the Top Five Things That Are Fun to Share at Hollerbach's German Restaurant:

  1. DAS BOOT - ask anybody around town: if you only had time to do ONE thing in Historical Downtown Sanford, Florida, sharing Das Boot full of German beer with your friends at Hollerbach's should be that thing. # 1 on Orlando Weekly's "100 Things to do in Orlando Before You Die." Zicke-Zacke, Zicke-Zacke HOI! HOI! HOI!

  2. DIE RIESENBREZN - sure, you can try to finish our Giant Bavarian Pretzel with homemade Obazda cheese spread and sweet mustard by yourself, but A) Where's the fun in that? and B) Where are gonna put your Schnitzel? In your leg?

  3. DAS KING'S FEAST - an Über-Platter fit for a König (and 4 or 5 subjects) that's just the thing if you're looking to sample a wide variety from our Speisekarte.

  4. DIE MUSIK - we call it Schunkelabend: locking elbows with your neighbors (there are no strangers here!), swaying back and forth and singing along with Jimmy & Eckhard as they perform polka music, yodeling, folk instruments and beer tent classics like the In Sanford Steht Ein Schnitzelhaus. We even have regulars who don't speak German and still know every word! (Thursday through Sunday evenings)

  5. GEMÜTLICHKEIT - our favorite German word, and our favorite thing to share with our guests! Gemütlichkeit is the cozy, comfortable feeling you get from the things that make you feel all is right with the world - like good hearty German food, beer and Schnapps, traditional folk music, and sharing those things with friends and family. Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wv8KIzXZu4 for a short film about The Place Where Gemütlichkeit Happens in Sanford, Florida: Hollerbach's!


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