Guest Band July Jam at the Tree

We'll miss them and so will our guests, but it's not really hard to understand why Jimmy & Eckhard would want to be somewhere other than central Florida in July, is it? Where they're going on their respective vacations is streng geheim (top secret), but we know one place they won't be: Hollerbach's.

Destination unknown.

But how can you have any Schunkelabend if you don't have your Jimmy & Eckhard?? How can you have any bread pudding if you don't eat your Wurst?

Keine Sorge - we've got this covered, with some help from our friend Alex Meixner and a few new faces. Beginning on American Independence Day July 4th and ending on Sunday July 28th, we will be welcoming a different guest band every week.

Remember this guy from Springfest??

Alex Meixner Duo July 4-7

If you came to our "Wurst St. Patrick's Day Party" in 2017 or either of our last two Springfest German Street Parties, then you'll remember the unique, energetic and dynamic music of Grammy-winning musician Alex Meixner. Among a plethora of other accomplishments on his resume, Alex recently worked with Jack Black on the soundtrack for the Netflix film about Jan Lewan, The Polka King. as well as appearing in a national commercial for Hormel Pepperoni as a one-man marching band.

Jefe, what is a plethora?

Klaber Duo July 11-14

Part of the Klaberheads ensemble from Hamilton, Ohio.

Hops und Schnapps July 18-21

Hops und Schnapps on Facebook

Das ist Lustig July 25-28

With a slogan like "Prost, Y'all!, this band from Houston sounds like they'll fit right in in Sanford! Visit their website for more info.


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