Spargel Fever!

Updated: 3 days ago

Die Spargelzeit (white asparagus season) is upon us once again! If you're from Germany or certain other areas of Europe, or have spent time there like me, then you know what a big deal the white asparagus harvest time is. From the direct-from-farm roadside stands to supermarkets to restaurants, the venerable "white gold" is practically unavoidable in Germany for a couple months about this time each year. To celebrate the Spargelzeit, Hollerbach's will be featuring a few German-style Spargel dishes on our menu for the next few weeks (see photos below), and fresh white asparagus to take home will also be available from our Magnolia Square Market German deli. Oh, and the blog Gnomes cobbled together a little Spargel FAQ for you. Because they do stuff like that.