One Germany, 16 Bundesländer

Since the reunification of the DDR and the BRD in 1990, Germany has comprised 16 Bundesländer (federal states), three of which - Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg - are actually city-states.

Aus welchem Bundesland kommt ihr denn? Or, if you're not German, which of the states pictured here have you visited?

The Resident Gnome (the so-called writer of this blog) has visited and/or actually lived in the following (I'm not including several Bundesländer that I only passed through by train or car):

  • Bayern Bavaria - visited Munich 1991 and 1995 as a tourist, then worked there as a German-English translator 2000-2001. Also lived in Murnau for four months, and visited countless places including Neuschwanstein, Kempten , Rosenheim, Berchtesgaden, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

  • Berlin - visited for two days summer 1991

  • Hamburg - tagged along with a friend from Jena for a couple days when he drove up there for business, autumn 1995

  • Hessen Hesse - flew through Frankfurt on my very first trip to Europe (a Walt Disney World business trip to Amsterdam) in 1989, visited Frankfurt briefly as tourist 1991, again in 1995 to meet an e-mail penpal, and 1999 to meet another penpal in Wiesbaden

  • Niedersachsen Lower Saxony - business trip 1999 to attend the CeBIT technology trade show in Hannover, but we stayed in a hotel in Göttingen

  • Nordrhein-Westfalen North-Rhine Westphalia - visited a friend (actually an ex-girlfriend) in Gelsenkirchen for about a week. We also visited Essen, Bochum, Düsseldorf and Köln. Visited a former co-worker from Disney World in Bielefeld in 1995 and 1999.

  • Sachsen Saxony - day trip to see the main sites in Dresden with my student group from UCF, summer 1991

  • Sachsen-Anhalt Saxony-Anhalt - day trip with student group to visit a castle in Naumburg, summer 1991

  • Thüringen Thuringia - spent more time here than any other state except for Bayern. Attended the language institute at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena for five weeks summer of 1991 with a group of five other UCF German exchange students and our professor - an amazing experience I will write about later. Also had day trips to a ton of places like Weimar, Erfurt, Eisenach, Gotha and Gera. I met a family from Jena on that trip at a Fourth of July party thrown for us by the German-American Friendship Society, and we became fast friends, so I visited them again in Jena on trips in 1995, 1999, 2000 and 2001. Oh, and I can confirm for you that the reason Thüringen is represented on the map by a sausage on a Brötchen is that they have the best grilled Bratwurst in the world, hands down. :)

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