The Sounds of Gemütlichkeit - Made in Germany

Even though they're not nearly as popular as in bygone days, almost everyone is familiar with the sound of Spieldosen - those little wind-up music boxes that have been around more or less in their current format since the 18th century.

It's always Christmastime at Hollerbach's Outfitters!

Mechanical music-making instruments go back for more than a millennium, but the kind of small wind-up tuned-teeth and cylinder music boxes we know today first appeared in Europe in the 18th century.

So that's how they work...

Like many products with the "Made in Germany" label, our 100% handcrafted imported wooden music boxes from the Ore Mountains in Germany at Hollerbach's Outfitters German Folkwear and Gift Shop represent a long, venerable heritage of creating the illusion of life in a miniature, magical world with fine precision mechanics, premium-quality materials, and a passion for true craftsmanship. All of our music boxes are made by the Dregeno company in Saxony.

The Dresden Frauenkirche - little happy moments of peaceful immersion.

Hollerbach's Outfitters in beautiful Historic Downtown Sanford is open 7 days, and as you can see, we offer more than just Lederhosen and Dirndls! Our music boxes can't wait to play their songs for you. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

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