Five Things to Know for Krampusnacht

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

  1. Who or what is Krampus? - we’ll give you the brief version: according to certain traditions, der Nikolaus (St. Nicholas) is sometimes accompanied by a “helper” to deal with the naughty kids while he reads stories and gives presents to the good kids: either Knecht Ruprecht or the feared goat-demon Krampus, who wears a basket to carry bad children away! But in parts of Europe – and more recently, even here in North America – there’s also a growing tradition of people dressing up in truly frightening Krampus costumes and forming a parade in the village to wreak havoc in the streets, scream like demons, rattle chains and bells, and generally cause non-violent mayhem: the Krampuslauf.

  2. Is Krampusnacht kid-friendly? Not really. While we have told Krampus that he may NOT actually whip unartige children with a switch, stuff them in his basket and cart them off to Hades - not in view of our guests, at least - he can still be a bit intense for younger children.

  3. Anything special about the menu that night? Yes! In addition to our usual hearty and delicious German fare, we will have a special Krampuskarte with treats like mini-Eisbeins, meat pies, Naughty-n-Nice cake balls from our bakery, Glühwein, the new Mozart Mint Martini, and a special secret Krampus shot!

  4. Can we dress up as Krampus? You are required to dress up like Krampus! No, not really, but it's highly encouraged - we need as many Krampuses as possible for our first ever Krampuslauf (Krampus Run) at 9 pm, when we'll all shriek and scream and run and generally act like idiots as Krampus laughs at us all while we parade from the Willow Tree to our friends over at Buster's Bistro (don't worry, it's just a couple blocks.) We have never done this before, so the Krampuslauf is sure to be utter chaos, confusion and mayhem. In other words, perfect for Krampusnacht. :)

  5. What sort of entertainment will you have? In addition to our own Jimmy and Eckhard traditional German music band from 6-9 pm, Krampus will be skulking about the restaurant being generally ugly and menacing, but will also be taking photos and scolding the naughty "children" over at our new bar. (That's right. You just learned Top Secret Classified Hollerbach insider info: the new bar will be open. Shhhh...just kidding, tell everyone.)

And now we shall leave you with a few images of last year's shenanigans... #krampusnacht #krampuslauf #hollerbachs #krampus #holidayevents


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