How to Speak Oktoberfest

9 Useful Expressions for Successful Oktoberfesting

#Oktoberfest in #Munich may be over, but at Hollerbach’s we’re gearing up and getting more excited every day about our own Downtown Sanford Oktoberfest this weekend! If you’re planning on joining for our German Street Party, here are a few expressions you can learn that will make you sound like a professional Oktoberfester:

  • Prost! (Cheers) - The most important of all Oktoberfesting words – and possibly the most important word in the German language. Be prepared to say it a lot! And it’s NOT “Prosit” – Prosit is a noun, as in “Ein Prosit der #Gemütlichkeit.” When toasting, we just say Prost!

  • Dirndl (traditional women’s folk dress) – don’t have one yet? Come see us at Hollerbach’s Outfitters. Dirndls and Lederhosen required for entry. Not really.

  • Maß (a liter mug of German beer, pronounced “Moss.” Sort of.) Die Maß is the only size beer available at the big party in Munich, but we’ll also have more manageable half-liters here at our outdoor locations. BTW, do you know what they call a half a liter in Munich? Half a beer. “Eine Maß, bitte!”

  • Gemütlichkeit – what Hollerbach’s is all about! It’s that feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation you get when surrounded by friends, family, good food and beer and music, etc. Our favorite German word!

  • Zum Wohl! (to your health) - another way of toasting

  • Breze (pretzel) – also spelled Brezn (Bavarian) or Brezel, among other variants – the Bavarian-style pretzel is an important part of Oktoberfest food culture!

  • Zicke-Zacke, Zicke-Zacke HOI HOI HOI! – a drinking chant, often done before we start to pass around Das Boot!

  • Schunkeln - Schunkeling is when you lock arms with your neighbors and sway back and forth to the polka music while sitting together on those wooden Biergarten benches. See also Gemütlichkeit.

  • Radler - a mixture of lager beer and soda, usually lemon-lime - for those who'd prefer a lower-alcohol option out in that brisk, cool Florida autumn. We'll have some on draft and also in our deli!

What's the German word for fun? Oktoberfest!

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