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Everyone around here has taken to calling it "Hollerbach's Lodge": the new bar at our Willow Tree Café German Restaurant in Historic Downtown Sanford, which officially opened on December 9, 2019. It was to be followed In April 2020 with a "Hollerblock Party" to celebrate the opening our Rooftop Biergarten and bar, but...well, as you know, some of our plans have been put on hold, like everyone else's...

The Lodge - Made in Bavaria

Of, course, there's more to our Project Hollerblock expansion, including additional restaurant seating, new and expanded restrooms, a larger kitchen, and the building's first ever elevator. But we wanted to share with you a little bit of the story behind the two new bars.

Second-floor Biergarten Bar, just waiting...

The new bars for Hollerbach’s German Restaurant in Sanford, Florida were designed, delivered and installed by professional, experienced craftsmen from Hartmann GmbH woodworking shop in Bavaria using only premium-quality materials. The primary wood used - genuine reclaimed spruce - was processed by specialist contractors into huge three-layer panels made from the original old beams from Bavaria and Austria after undergoing a special drying process. The solid wood pieces were also cut from reclaimed beams.

The hardwoods for assorted more heavily-used furniture parts such as chairs and

bar foot pedestals were crafted out of oak from the Spessart hills in Bavaria, considered a very high quality variety of oak. The table tops and bartops were made with German maple, among the hardest and most robust types of wood in Europe. The bar front and wall cladding on the second floor were fashioned using oaken frames inlaid with original weathered, sun-scorched, professionally-treated boards that are approx. 200 years old.

All surfaces are treated with a special wood varnish known as the Rohholzeffekt (raw wood effect), which makes the wood appear to be untreated when in fact there are three layers of resilient, protective varnish.

Hartmann Company History

The Hartmann carpentry shop was founded in 1876 as a family-owned business focusing on private sector work, making everything from ornate chairs to complete home furnishings. Over time the company grew from 2 to 10 employees, and in 1983 Alfons Hartmann founded the Hartmann GmbH limited liability corporation.

1984 - 1998

The next big step in the company's growth was the move to a new workshop outside of Taufkirchen, which afforded Hartmann enough space to fulfill multiple large orders simultaneously.

Then came a prestigious contract from the nearby Erdinger wheat beer brewery to create their trade fair stand, which for its innovative, unique design received critical acclaim at the international brewery exhibition. The exhibit stand united first-class materials and a design precisely tailored to the product with essential know-how, craftsmanship and quality in one distinctive medium of product presentation.

Beginning in the early 1980s, the bar, restaurant and hotel installation segment of our business began experiencing steady expansion and has represented the primary focus of Hartmann’s activities evere since.

1998 - present

Another significant phase of growth took place in 1998 with a further expansion of the existing facility and the construction of a large new warehouse, which brought the total space to 32,000 square feet, as foreign orders from both within Europe and beyond continued to grow. The focus of our projects abroad has always been restaurant- and hotel facilities of the highest Bavarian quality and an exemplary record of timely project completion. The experience and tenure of our staff guarantee top-grade workmanship as well as expert implementation of individual furnishing concepts


In 2001 the company celebrated its 125th anniversary, and we’re already looking forward to Schreinerei Hartmann’s 150th in 2026.

Since July 2019, the company and its 30 employees have been led by Alexander Hartman as a family-owned business, in keeping with the firm’s traditional philosophy.

Recent Hartmann Projects

Several facilities for Erdinger Weißbräu

Paulaner Nockherberg in Munich

Numerous facilities in the Allianz Arena in Munich

Restaurants for Spaten- Franziskanerbräu Munich

Hotel "zum Erdinger Weißbräu" Munich Großhadern

Hotel Obermaier Munich Trudering

Hans im Glück German Burger Grill chain

As well as upscale hotel and restaurant Bavarian-themed projects in






Czech Republic

New York




Singapore (4x “Hans im Glück” German burger grills)

Sanford, Florida, USA

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