Getting ready for Hollerbach's Springfest: Top Five checklist items

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

1. Order your Hollerbucks Now!

Hollerbucks - our Springfest food and beverage tickets - will be available onsite at FIVE different stations for cash or charge. But if you order them in advance in the next couple days at our online shop, you'll get A) extra tickets, B) goodies like pins, hats and Erdinger beer glasses, and C) you'll be ready to hit the beer truck right after you pick up your Hollerbucks at Outfitters instead of having to go to a ticket station! BTW, there is NO cover or admission charge, and parking is free!

$3 value - each food or beverage station at Springfest takes one or two Hollerbucks!

2. Get Germanized.

Put together your eye-catching Springfest look at Hollerbach's Outfitters German traditional folkwear shop - Lederhosen, Dirndls, and everything else you'll need to look like a professional Springfester.

Yep, we can even fit this little guy.

3. Know your Springfest guidemap.

If you get lost, just shout "Where's the beer truck?"

4. Know when and where the stars will be out.

What's a German folk festival without folk music and dancing? We can't wait to celebrate Springfest with Alex Meixner, special guest "Polka King" Jan Lewan, Sonnenschein Express, our own Jimmy & Eckhard, and more!

Entertainment Schedule

Saturday, April 6

11am – 1pm Island Cowboy Keith Sanford Marketplace

1 – 4pm Nash Rambler Patio

2 – 5pm Sonnenschein Express Outdoor Stage

3:30 – 4pm Schuhplattler Gruppe Alpenrose VIP Haus

5 – 6pm Schuhplattler Gruppe Alpenrose Outdoor Stage

6 – 10pm Alex Meixner w/ Special Guest Polka King Jan Lewan Outdoor Stage

7 – 10pm Jimmy and Eckhart Willow Tree Stage

Sunday, April 7

12 – 3pm Sonnenschein Express Outdoor Stage

1 – 4pm Nash Rambler Patio

1:30 – 2pm Schuhplattler Gruppe Alpenrose WTC Stage

3 – 6pm Alex Meixner Outdoor Stage

3:30 – 4pm Schuhplattler Gruppe Alpenrose VIP Haus

6-9pm Jimmy and Eckhart Willow Tree Stage

All Day – Fritzy Bros. One-Man Circus

5. Watch The Polka King.

The 2017 film about Polish-born Pennsylvania polka legend Jan Lewandowski stars Jack Black in the title role and Grammy-winning polka star Alex Meixner on the soundtrack - just the thing to get you in the spirit for our big German street party!

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