Hofbräu Oktoberfest at the Deli!

Oh, man, I love this beer...

We now have #HofbräuMunich Oktoberfest beer at our German deli - this is the real stuff they're serving right now at #Oktoberfest in Munich, along with the five other main traditional Munich breweries. 6.3% ABV, golden color, heavenly taste (I learned that technical term from a brewmaster), extraordinarily drinkable.

I offered a 0.33 liter (11.2 ounce) bottle to a guest in the deli today on the house to try it right there, since they were buying quite a bit of beer already. One sip and they told me to go fetch a case of it. :)

We don't have it in any size other than 0.33 bottles right now, but I'm reminded of a story from my time working as a German-English translator in Munich. This was September of 2000 - I was asked to pick up beer for a company gathering at someone's house, and saw a pyramid of these 5L keglets at a little grocery store. Only available during Fest season, roughly September and Oktober. It was 9.99 DM, incl. tax.

Which at that time was about $4. Yup. Die guten alten Zeiten...

#wiesn #festbier #Munich #germanbeer #germandeli #sanfording

Except it didn't say imported. And wasn't labeled in Englisch.


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