German Word of the Day: Maß

No, that's not a "B" - it's a character that doesn't exist in English called an "Eszett" or "scharfes S" (sharp S). It represents a double-s (ss) sound, or hard s, usually following a long vowel sound. For instance, in the word Fuß (foot), you know that the vowel u has a long sound ("oo") rather than a short sound, because it is followed by an ß instead of a double s, in accordance with the 1996 German Spelling Reform. (In Standard Swiss German, the Eszett character is no longer recognized.)

I know - excitingstuff.

But this post isn't about grammar. It's about beer. German beer.

Large quantities of German beer.

A Maß is a iiter mug of draft beer, usually either a Helles (light Bavarian lager) or a Festbier. At Oktoberfest in Munich and other festivals, as well as in most of the Munich-area Biergartens after 3 pm or so, beer is served exclusively in glass Maßkrügen. Meaning liters. Meaning 34 ounces. Because you know what they call half a liter in Munich? Half a beer.

Oh, and remember what I said about how the ß character follows a long vowel sound? No you don't - don't lie, you didn't even read that part. Anyway, for no other reason than just because, Maß is one of the few instances where that doesn't apply - it's a short quick "a" sound, almost like "moss" - which means according to the modern German orthography rules, it should be spelled Mass. But it's not, because Bavaria. if you say it with a long "a" vowel sound, you'll sound like a tourist. Or even worse, a Preiß. :)

Harry G also has a few words to say about die Maß (sorry, no English subtitles available)

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