Earlier this week, our bar manager English Dave (if you ask whether he's actually English, you owe me a beer) went down to Harvest Time International in Sanford to donate Bahamas Hurricane Relief supplies in a duffel bag that had spent a lot of time with him in the Bahamas when he worked on cruise ships. He then came up with the idea of encouraging people to follow his example by asking them through our social media presence at Hollerbach's to drop off their supplies with us when they come to the Willow Tree this weekend and save themselves a trip. (You may have seen our Facebook event and posts.)

Anyway, today I was dragging three of our girls dressed in Dirndls - Kiarah, Rose (aka Teufelchen) and Kathy - that came from our Outfitters German folk clothing shop over to Outfitters for a quick Oktoberfest promo photo shoot when we were stopped outside the shop by one of our regular guests who had come to drop off a pretty sizable donation of diapers and wipes. She needed help getting them from her car into the restaurant, and we of course were happy to oblige.

We went to have our picture took in our purty Dirndls, we came back with diapers.

Yes, there's a point, I'm getting there...keep your Alans on...inside joke for Dave...

The guest mentioned to us how much she had been touched by the Facebook video that the Harvest Time people recorded (https://www.facebook.com/HarvestTimeInternational/videos/2556593594405588/) of an emotional Dave parting with that old duffel bag, sending it back to Freeport where it had been his constant companion for years. We had already been encouraged by the generosity shown so far by our guests and staff members, but the size of this donation and her story of being inspired by Dave were particularly uplifting somehow.

And that's how a pretty good Saturday afternoon in downtown Sanford turned into a great one for five people.

English Dave was so happy...

It's starting to get really busy here at the Willow Tree and they're going to need my help, so I better wrap this up by saying thank you - and this comes from all of us, especially English Dave - to all the caring souls who have brought Disaster Relief supplies for the Bahamas to us so far. Dave will be delivering them to Harvest Time on Monday.

The pile is still growing...


- Gnome

PS - just as I was wrapping this up, a wonderful couple came to us with an even larger donation of supplies. They did not have a reservation. On a Saturday night.

They did not wait long for a table. :)


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