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2022 Hollerbach’s Downtown Sanford Oktoberfest – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did the Dates Change?​​
    Due to Hurricane Ian the area surrounding the Civic Center has become flooded with water. We were forced to push the event back to November to ensure the water drained back into Lake Monroe. We have put a lot of effort into this event and want make sure we can have the event to its fullest.

  • What are the NEW hours for Oktoberfest?

Friday November 4 5-10 pm

Saturday November 5 12-10 pm

Sunday November 6 12-6 pm


  • Where is the event located?

The festival is back at the Sanford Civic Center and the surrounding streets. just a short walk from Hollerbach's German Restaurant. Just like last year, this location will provide us with both an indoor and outdoor space to celebrate.

  • How much are admission and parking?

Our three-day Oktoberfest Street Party November 4 - 6 is free to attend, and the City of Sanford provides free parking! It’s an open-air event with no gate and no cover charge – anyone is welcome to walk in and enjoy the atmosphere and the live German folk music. See our Travel Guide for info on how to get to the party and for Sanford’s parking guide! 

  • How about food and drink?

The food and beverage (detailed below) available at our Oktoberfest can be purchased with our new Festband system. Festbands will reduce the amount of time that you need to wait in line and speed up service!  Festbands are $5 and  are available for pre-sale here, purchased in advanced at any Hollerbach's business, or at different ticket stations at the Fest on the day of the event! *Festbands will be the only form of payment accepted at our Oktoberfest food and beverage stands.*

Pre-sale Festbands can be picked up at Monroe Hall during the festival. *Novemberfest update* if you have pre-ordered Festbands (electronic RFID wristbands that you will need for purchasing food and beverage) but not picked them up yet. they will be available for pickup Friday at Monroe Hall at 4 pm, or Saturday at 12 pm, or Sunday at 12 pm. If you did not pre-order, you also can get your Festbands at Monroe Hall beginning 4 pm. Happy Festing!! 


  • How do Festbands work?

Purchase your Festband at Monroe Hall or just outside the Civic Center if you haven't pre-ordered. Tap the Festband to your phone, create your account, load it with funds and you are ready to buy all of your Oktoberfest favorites! 


*Here's a helpful tutorial video from our YouTube channel about adding funds to your Festband :

* There will be an option to add fund to your Festband without the use of your smartphone* ​

**Please note it will not be possible for us to issue refunds on money added to Festbands**

  • What happens to funds left on my Festband
    Just like Hollerbucks in previous years, they will be usable at Hollerbach's German Restaurant after the festival​​

  • Will you be using volunteers this year? Where do volunteers check in?

    • Volunteers will check in at the Sanford Senior Center.

  • What's on the menu?  *please note that food and beverage items listed here are subject to change


FOOD – the items prepared for you by the chefs at our German restaurant and deli will include:

  • Oktoberfest pretzel mit Obazda cheese spread and sweet mustard $6 ($4 without the cheese)

  • Currywurst mit Pommes - two grilled Weisswursts sliced and topped with curry ketchup, served with fries $14

  • Wurst mit Pommes - Bratwurst on a Brötchen served with fries and Dijon mustard $8

  • Pommes - $3

  • Smoked Turkey Leg - $12

  • Potato Pancakes -  $5

  • Desserts 

    • Lebkuchen $8

    • Cotton Candy $5

    • Candied Apples $5

DRAFT BIER 0.5 Liter $8

  • 3 Daughters Hollerbach's Kölsch

  • 3 Daughters Oktoberfest 

  • Bitburger Pilsner

  • Erdinger Hefeweizen

  • Erdinger Wheat Oktoberfest

  • Hacker-Pschorr Ur-Märzen Amber Oktoberfest 

  • Köstrizer Schwarzbier 

  • Tucher Festbier

WINE, SCHNAPPS & Soft Drinks

  • German Wine $8

    • Dr Loosen Dry Riesling

    • Madonna Liebfraumilch

    • Fat Bastard Cabernet Sauvignon

    • Valckenberg Undone Dry Riesling

  • German Schnapps by Berentzen $5

    • Served chilled in a 1.5 -ounce souvenir shot glass – cherry, apple or pear 

  • Liquid Death canned water  (non-carbonated)  $3

  • German Sodas $3

    • Mezzo Mix 

    • Fanta orange


  • Can I bring my own beer mug/stein?


You may, but be aware that our two draft beer locations will only be pouring beer into our half-liter plastic cups, not into any personal containers. You are free to then transfer the beer you get from us from the cups into your own drinking vessel. 


  • What kind of entertainment will be offered?

We will have several different guest entertainment acts, including traditional German folk and Oktoberfest music by Jimmy and Eckhard and Sepp inside our German restaurant, and Sonnenschein Express, King Guys, and dancers in traditional outfits out at the Sanford Civic Center. Fritzi Bro's one man circus and Stilt walkers will be at various locations during the event.  Neu to this year is the outdoor stage!

  • What about kids and dogs?

Our Fests are always family-friendly, and the City of Sanford welcomes dogs in the outdoor areas Sanford’s Ladies’ 327 Club will be hosting a Kid Zone that includes a bounce house, games and more.... 

  • Will there be vendors?
    Yes! Ladies 327 will be helping coordinate vendors. For Vendor Inquiries contact:

  • Will there be a commemorative pin this year?

Ja! they will be $5.00 at Oktoberfest

  • What’s going on at your Restaurant, Market and Outifitters shop during all of this merriment?


Hollerbach's German Restaurant, German Market, and Outfitters German folk clothing shop will be operating as normal and not directly part of the street party. Our regular band Jimmy and Eckhard will be performing on our German restaurant stage indoors as usual on Friday and Saturday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoon. *Please note the following:

  • All Hollerbach's businesses will close at the same time as the Fest at 6 pm on Sunday 11/6.

  • Festbands will not be accepted in our restaurant, Market or Outfitters during Oktoberfest – only at the outdoor festival stations; any leftover funds on Festbands will be accepted at the restaurant beginning November 7

  • We are not taking any reservations  – seating will be first come first served all three days.


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