2019 Hollerbach’s Downtown Sanford Oktoberfest – Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much is admission and parking?

Our three-day Oktoberfest Street Party Oktober 11-13 is free to attend, and the City of Sanford provides free parking! It’s an open-air event with no gate and no cover charge – anyone is welcome to walk in and enjoy the atmosphere and the live German folk music. See our Travel Guide for info on how to get to the party and for Sanford’s parking guide!

  • How about food and drink?


The food and beverage (detailed below) available at our Oktoberfest can be purchased with Hollerbucks, which are sort of like ride tickets you use at a fair. Hollerbucks are available at four different ticket stations at the Fest on the day of the event, or in advance online at Hollerbachs  Online Shop. Advance Hollerbucks come in packs of $30, $60 or $90 and you get extra tickets and souvenirs! If you choose to wait and purchase Hollerbucks at the event, you can buy them in any increment you choose with cash or charge (MC, Visa, Discover and AMEX) and then use them for food and beverage – the outdoor food and beverage stations will not be accepting cash or charge, only Hollerbucks!!


  • So how many Hollerbucks should I plan on getting?


Hollerbucks tickets are worth $3 each, so we suggest 10 Hollerbucks ($30) per adult as a good starting point – you can always go back to the ticket stations for more, and any unused Hollerbucks are good with no expiration at our Willow Tree Café German restaurant beginning the day after the event is over (Oktober 14.) Order ticket packs in advance at our online shop!  *Important note: Hollerbucks will not be valid at our restaurant or deli during the three days of our Oktoberfest– only at the outdoor street party stations.


  • What will you be offering to eat and drink and how many Hollerbucks does each item cost?


FOOD – the items prepared for you by the chefs at our German restaurant and deli will include:


  • Hendl (1/2 roast chicken)  - this is the first time we’ll be offering this item at one of our Fests - very popular at beer festivals in Germany! - 3 HOLLERBUCKS

  • Bratwurst on a bun with Potato Salat and Sauerkraut – 2 HOLLERBUCKS

  • Chicken Bratwurst on a bun (contains no pork or beef) – 1 HOLLERBUCK

  • 3 potato pancakes w/sour cream & apple sauce – 2 HOLLERBUCKS 

  • Bavarian Pretzel w/Obazda traditional cheese spread – 2 HOLLERBUCKS; or skip the cheese, just get the pretzel only for 1 HOLLERBUCK

  • Frankfurter on a bun  – 1 HOLLERBUCK

  • Pack of Gummi Bears - 1 HOLLERBUCK

  • Bienenstich or Apfelkuchen dessert - 1 HOLLERBUCK



DRINK – all items except bottled water are imported from Germany. WE ID – 21+ only for all alcoholic beverages!!


  • Draft German Beer!! ½ liter served in plastic Fest cups 2 HOLLERBUCKS

    • Hacker-Pschorr Ur-Märzen Amber Oktoberfest 

    • Erdinger Wheat Oktoberfest 

    • Tucher Hefeweizen 

    • Benediktiner Festbier 

    • Bitburger Pils - Theo's favorite!

  • German Wine 5-ounce cup 2 HOLLERBUCKS

    • Graf Neipperg Lemberger (dry red)

    • Valckenberg Madonna Liebfraumilch (sweet white)

    • Undone Riesling (dry white)

  • German Schnapps – by Berentzen 1 HOLLERBUCK

    • Served chilled in a 1-ounce souvenir shot glass – cherry, apple, pear or peach

  • Viez Apfelwein (dry apple cider) by Tuffy's​ - 2 HOLLERBUCKS

  • 20-ounce bottled water - 1 HOLLERBUCK

  • Mezzo Mix (cola and orange mix) - 1 HOLLERBUCK


  • Can I bring my own beer mug/stein?


You may, but be aware that our two draft beer locations will only be pouring beer into our half-liter plastic cups, not into any personal containers. You are free to then transfer the beer you get from us from the cups into your own drinking vessel. 


  • What kind of entertainment will be offered?

We will have several different guest entertainment acts, including traditional German folk and Oktoberfest music by Sonnenschein Express and King Guys, dancers in traditional outfits, Sanford’s own Cowboy Keith, carnival games hosted by Sanford’s Gentlemen’s 327 Club, and even a one-man circus! Visit click here for entertainment schedule.


  • What about kids and dogs?

Our Fests are always family-friendly, and the City of Sanford welcomes dogs in the outdoor areas. Our Frankfurter (like a German hot dog) w/ Gummis is the best meal option for kids, and Sanford’s Ladies’ 327 Club will be hosting a Kid Zone that includes a bounce house!

  • What’s going on at your restaurant, deli and costume shop during all of this merriment?


Our Willow Tree Café German restaurant, Magnolia Square Market German deli and Outfitters German folk clothing shop will be operating as normal and not directly part of the street party. Our regular band Jimmy and Eckhard will be performing on the Willow Tree stage indoors as usual on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. *Please note the following:

  • All three businesses will close at the same time as the Fest at 6 pm on Sunday 10/13.

  • Hollerbucks tickets will not be accepted in our restaurant or deli during Oktoberfest – only at the outdoor festival stations

  • We are not taking any reservations for the Willow Tree – seating will be first come first serve all three days.


  • Are you participating in the City of Sanford’s Alive After 5 Oktoberfest on Thursday Oktober 10th?

YES, but on smaller scale. We will have a beer truck on 1st street and pretzels, Bratwurst, wine and Schnapps in Magnolia Square during Alive After 5 (5-8 pm); however, it is a separate event from our three-day Oktoberfest, so we will be accepting cash and charge for our outdoor food and beer, NOT Hollerbucks.