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Saturday, December 5th

6 PM – 9 PM

Announcing our Third Annual Krampus Night! 

For just the 3rd time in Hollerbach History, this holiday season we’ll be nervously welcoming Krampus himself to the Willow Tree on Krampusnacht December 5th – come join us for the fun! But be careful – if you’ve been bad, Krampus might stuff you in his sack and cart you off to wherever he takes the naughty Kinder…


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Krampus costumes not required but are welcome!

According to certain traditions, der Nikolaus is sometimes accompanied by a helper to deal with the naughty children: either Knecht Ruprecht or the dreaded horned goat-demon Krampus, who wears a basket to carry bad children away!

In parts of Europe – and more recently, even here in North America – there is a tradition on Krampusnacht of people dressing up in frightening Krampus costumes and wreaking havoc in the streets, rattling chains, ringing bells and generally causing mayhem.

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