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At Hollerbach’s German Market, we take pride in the quality and variety of deli meats and cheeses we offer to our guests. Our inventory includes traditional German favorites such as Leberkäse, Emmenthaler, Landjäger, Eisbein, Leberwurst, summer sausages, Bratwurst, Gelbwurst, Westfälischer Schinken…and many, many more! And with quality products comes quality service -  our helpful and knowledgeable delicatessen staff are always standing by to answer your questions and custom-prepare your order.

Hollerbach's house meats
Hollerbach’s In-Haus Meats

Our specialty! We prepare the following preservative-free, GMO-free meats right here for our deli as well as our restaurant, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café.

  • Roast Beef

  • Garlic-encrusted Pork

  • Paprika Turkey

Fresh steak, chicken breast, and pork loin are also available - we can even show you how to prepare your own Hollerbach-style pork or chicken Schnitzel at home!


Premium Brands

Our Fleisch line-up features the following reputable, quality vendors:

  • Geier’s Sausage Kitchen (Sarasota)  - We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently added products to our deli selection from a fellow-Floridian business known for its high-quality sausage and luncheon meats! Geier’s products now available at our deli include ham bologna, smoked kielbasa, Bauernwurst, ring bologna, Leberwurst, raw Teewurst and pepper bologna.


  • Stiglmaier Sausage Co. (Chicago)  - Stiglmaier’s “Taste of Germany” product selection includes Nürnberger, garlic bologna, Debriziner, Hungarian Smoked Wurst, Westphalian Ham, Thüringer, Mortadella, Schinkenwurst, Black Forest ham, Mettwurst, und Blutwurst.


  • Schaller & Weber (New York) – Founded by a master butcher and sausage maker from Stuttgart,  Schaller & Weber is known for its authentic German-style meats, including Gelbwurst, Krakauer, Jagdwurst, Leberwurst, Zungenwurst, and head cheese, in addition to a delicious line of Liverwursts and other pates.


  • Bavaria Sausage, Inc. (Madison, WI) – The Leberkäse from Bavaria Sausage, Inc. is one of our biggest sellers – ask for a sample and you’ll find out why! We also offer Braunschweiger, Pfefferjäger, Landjäger, and summer sausages (Cajun, beef w/cranberry, bison, venison and elk) from Bavaria Sausage, as well the full range of the sausages we serve in our Willow Tree Café

  • Piller’s Black Kassel (Canada) – Mustard Seed, Mailänder, Barcelona, Hungarian, German…just a few of the delectable dry-aged salami varieties from Piller’s Black Kassel  brand available at our deli!


  • Nueske’s  (Wittenberg, WI) – yes, we’ve got Nueske's famous mouth-watering Applewood Smoked Bacon…and we’ll slice it to your desired thickness!

  • Usinger’s Famous Sausage (Milwaukee, WI)
    Our most recent additions come from family-owned Wurstmaker Usinger, including Thüringer summer sausage, beef hickory snack sticks, beer salami, smoked Liverwurst, and the new chicken Bratwurst, all-beef Frankfurter, and applewood-smoked Bratwurst that are also available at our German restaurant. 

Don’t Forget the Käse!

Imported and domestic cheese varieties include Bleu cheese, Gruyère, Handkäse, Limburger, Rauchkäse, Quark, provolone, cheddar, havarti, goat cheese, stilton, edam, pepperjack, camembert, brie, mustard dill, rosemary, and Mediterranean herb.

Meats in the deli case
Sausages in deli case
deli cheeses
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