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Bread Basket

Our homemade German farmer’s bread, baguette slices, and butter 1.99 per 4 guests, refillable



Hollerbach's most popular appetizer! Our gigantic Bavarian pretzel is served with sweet mustard and Obazda, a savory spread of cream cheese, sour cream, beer, diced onions, salt, pepper and sweet paprika.   11.09

Riesenbreze Aufschnitt neu!

Our giant pretzel, Obazda, sweet mustard, chef's selection of cold cuts and cheese, pickles, grapes, Dijon mustard and a bread basket 21.99


Potato Pancakes (pictured)

Shredded potatoes, onion, egg and parsley – served with applesauce and sour cream 5.96


Gourmet Potato Pancakes  
Two Kartoffelpuffer with sour cream, applewood smoked bacon and melted cheddar cheese 6.79

Mini Eisbeins

Two cripsy mini pork shankes on top of Sauerkraut, with Dijon 10.29


Flatbread with bacon, caramelized onion, cream cheese, Swiss cheese 9.29 add Buffalo Chicken & Ranch 12.29


Käse Teller
Chef’s selection of cheeses and fruit, served with walnuts and a bread basket 9.49

Aufschnitt Teller
Chef’s selection of cold cuts and cheeses, served with bread basket 11.29

Salami Teller
Chef’s selection of salami and cheeses, served with bread basket 10.59


Spargel mit Schinken 
Chilled white asparagus wrapped in Black Forest ham, served on a bed of spring mix and melon - includes bread basket 9.59


Helgoland Garnelen 
Seasoned shrimp served with your choice of Thousand Island dressing or cocktail sauce   10.29

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