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*3Tues7* at Hollerbach's

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A New Tuesday Special for Locals, only at the Willow Tree

Do you live within yodeling distance of Hollerbach’s German Restaurant in Downtown Sanford?


(Well, maybe not yodeling distance. Even Eckhard can’t yodel that far…)


Ok, how about if you’re a fellow resident of east central Florida with a zip code that begins with 327 (see map for reference)? If so, we’re starting a new special next week just for you!


Our new 3Tues7 Tuesday Super Sampler for Two will be available all day on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m, beginning Tuesday July 17th. It includes:


  • Two 0.3L small draft beers from our selection of ten imported taps OR one Riesenbreze giant Bavarian pretzel with our homemade Obazda cheese spread and imported sweet Bavarian mustard


  • One pork or chicken Schnitzel in any of our eight Schnitzel styles, like Jägerschnitzel or Schnitzel Holländer Art


  • Any two sausages from our Wurst selection: Bratwurst, Weißwurst, Mettwurst, Knackwurst, Nürnberger or Cajun


  • Any three side dishes, like Sauerkraut, warm homemade potato salad, Spätzle, Gurkensalat and more!


  • Unlimited Gemütlichkeit


A potential total value of over $41, yours for just $32.70. But remember - only if you can prove you’re from “The 327” like us!

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Price and availability subject to change
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